Donuts with pink coverage

by Amercook Europe
Today we have a sweet tooth, so we are going to prepare this incredible recipe to match the pastel pink range from our COLORS collection.
For this you will only need:
🔹 1 lemon (only the yellow part of the skin)
🔹 150 g of sugar
🔹 3 eggs
🔹 200 g flour
🔹 120 g of natural yogurt
🔹 80 g mild olive oil
🔹 1 pinch of salt
🔹 1 sachet of chemical yeast powder (15 g)
🔹 pink chocolate to melt
🔹 Colored noodles
To make this recipe we just need to mix the ingredients and bake for about 10-12 min at 180 degrees.
Let them cool before unmolding, melt the pink chocolate in the pan and cover the top of the donuts. We decorate and ready.

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