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Make your own lemon and orange ice cream

by Amercook Spain
In today's recipe we take advantage of the last blows of the summer to prepare our homemade version of the classics lemon and orange ice cream presented in its own shell. A very simple and very attractive dessert with which you will put the icing on the cake of any dinner or lunch. This is what you will need:
💠 3 oranges
💠 3 lemons
💠 80 grams of sugar
Remove the zest from an orange and a lemon and squeeze the juice.
Cut the base of the fruits so they can stand upright. Cut off the tops of the oranges and lemons and empty them taking care not to pierce the skin.
Recover the pulp and discard the entire part of the white membrane. Grind this pulp with the juice and zest of each fruit that we had reserved.
Transfer to ice buckets and freeze. Also freeze emptied fruits. Pour the frozen cubes into a blender and blend until a sherbet is left. Fill the fruits, place the top of the fruit and freeze again until serving time.

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