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A surprising sea and mountains: glazed shallots stuffed with squid

by Amercook Spain
- By Pablo González,
2 Michelin star chef

🧅 The shallot It is an onion family bulb widely used in #French cuisine but also in our haute cuisine, since its flavor is softer, sweeter and more aromatic than traditional onion. In addition, it is now much easier to find in our usual greengrocers or supermarkets.

We can distinguish it by its small size, somewhat larger than a clove of garlic, and its reddish-brown bark. When selecting them, make sure they are hard to guarantee the best raw material for your dishes. Qué In which dishes do you usually use them? We give you a delicious idea where to use them:


Soy Glazed Shallots

This fantastic recipe for sweet shallots will allow you to add them to your salads, fill them with whatever you want or accompany them with meat or fish. For this we just have to:



Shallots, squid without a feather cut into small pieces. For the sauce: mayonnaise + ginger


- Step 1: We peel the shallot removing the shell and the first layer of skin that we will find much harder.

- Step 2: Preheat a frying pan with a little oil and sauté the whole, uncut shallots until the skin on the outside is golden brown.

- Step 3: We add the soybean to the same skillet with the shallots until covered whole.

- Step 4: We lower the heat and let it reduce slowly until the shallots are tender and the soybeans look and feel like caramel.

Once tender we will have our shallots finished and with an incredible flavor.



Squid Stuffed Glazed Shallots

- Step 1: We use the glazed shallots from the previous recipe.

- Step 2: First of all, what we will do is empty the center of the shallot to keep the skin on the outside. Emptying them is very simple, we will only have to squeeze it with your fingers from one end and it will come out on its own.

- Step 3: For the squid filling, we clean the squid well or ask it clean to our trusted fishmonger. Next we cut it with the knife as small as we can (also called brunoise) and we reserve it in a bowl.

- Step 4: To season the squid we are going to make a ginger mayonnaise in a very simple way. We peel the ginger and add it to the mayonnaise. We pass everything through the blender until we have a fine and delicate sauce.

- Step 5: We put a tablespoon of this mayonnaise to the squid and mix well. We add salt and we have our filling.



All that remains is to fill it, which we can do with a small spoon or with a pastry bag. And so we have finished this simple recipe worthy of a Michelin star.


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